I am an Experimental Physcisist and an aspiring Data Scientist. My main interests are in machine learning for materials science; optimal tracking and control (e.g. Kalman Filter); time series analysis (e.g. ARIMA models); and optical signal processing.


  • PhD, Experimental Solid State Physics, University at Buffalo, NY, USA.
  • BSc, Electrical Engineering, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine.

Work experience

  • Lead Engineer, ASML, Wilton, CT 08/2019 - 01/2020
    • Lead a team of 7 engineers in optical product development.
    • Developed requirement specifications for electronic and optical teams.
    • Lead the development, testing and documentation of sensor improvements.
    • Implemented quality-focused ways of working to improve system’s quality.
  • Sr. Design Engineer, ASML, Wilton, CT 01/2017 - 08/2019
    • Calculated the impact of process variation on accuracy using Monte Carlo.
    • Characterized shot and electronic noise sources and their impact on precision.
    • Simulated and measured sensor performance using Maxwell’s equations.
    • Interfaced with marketing team to help reach a better data-based marketing strategy.
    • Modeled and estimated optical sensor drift using time series analysis.
    • Reduced drift calibration time by 89% by optimizing calibration scheme.
    • Invented a method to reduce laser-induced damage by up to 83%.
    • Proposed an alternate electronics architecture that can reduce cost by up to 26%.
  • Research Assistant, University at Buffalo, NY 01/2013 – 12/2016
    • Investigated electronic transport in novel materials by fabricating Nano-devices.
    • Utilized advanced statistical data analysis and signal processing techniques to discover dynamic transport across metal-insulator transition in NdNiO3 using low-noise measurements.
    • Analyzed experimental data using statistical analysis and signal processing.
  • Teaching Assistant, University at Buffalo, NY 08/2014 – 12/2016
    • Taught physics labs and recitations to science and engineering students.
    • Lead 20+ teacher assistants, making sure all are following agreed plans.
  • Microwave Engineer, JAWWAL, Gaza, Palestine 06/2009 – 08/2012
    • Designed microwave networks in the Ku (12-18 GHz) and K (18-27 GHz) bands for 350+ cell towers, including specifications of antennae, radio, channel and polarization.
    • Optimized microwave channel re-use, increasing utilization with no interference.


  • Statistical analysis using probability, Kalman Filter and time series analysis.
  • Signal processing using digital filter design and signal analysis in frequency domains.
  • Fluent in MATLAB, experienced in LabVIEW, Python and R.
  • Optical simulation of reflected /transmitted EM waves from thin films using RCWA.
  • Device fabrication using lithography, etching, deposition and wire-bonding.
  • Electrical characterization using spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes and lock-in amplifiers.
  • Low temperature measurements using cryostats, along with associated vacuum systems.


  • Ali Alsaqqa, Josh Adams and Bin Li. “Alignment system with modulated light source”. Patent pending. Application number: 62/908,101.
  • Ali Alsaqqa, et. al., “Variable Diffraction Grating”. Patent pending. Application number: 62/927,206.


  • Outstanding Teacher Assistant Award, University at Buffalo, 2016.
  • Fulbright Fellowship, U. S. Department of State, 2012.

Publications (Select)

  • Ali Alsaqqa, et al. “Phase coexistence and dynamical behavior in NdNiO3 ultrathin films”, Phys. Rev. B 95, 125132 (2017).
  • Colin Kilcoyne, Ahmed Ali, Ali Alsaqqa, et. al., “Gate-tunable transport characteristics of Bi2S3 nanowire transistors”. Solid State Communications 270, p. 135-139 (2017).

Conference Presentations (Select)

  • Correlation-driven metal-insulator transition in CuxV2O5 nanobeams probed by resistance noise spectroscopy. American Physical Society, New Orleans, LA (2017).
  • Resistance noise spectroscopy across the thermally and electrically driven metal-insulator transitions in VO2 nanobeams. American Physical Society, Baltimore, MD (2016).
  • Finite size effects in electrical transport and noise measurements in mesoscopic NbSe3 nanobeams. American Physical Society, Denver, CO (2014).